Concrete is natively supported on Linux and macOS from Python 3.8 to 3.11 inclusive. If you have Docker in your platform, you can use the docker image to use Concrete.

Using PyPI

You can install Concrete from PyPI:

pip install -U pip wheel setuptools
pip install concrete-python

There are some optional features which can be enabled by installing the full version:

pip install -U pip wheel setuptools
pip install concrete-python[full]

Full version depends on pygraphviz, which needs graphviz to be installed in the operating system so please install the operating system dependencies before installing concrete-python[full].

Installing pygraphviz on macOS can be problematic (see

If you're using homebrew, you may try the following:

brew install graphviz
CFLAGS=-I$(brew --prefix graphviz)/include LDFLAGS=-L$(brew --prefix graphviz)/lib pip --no-cache-dir install pygraphviz

before running:

pip install concrete-python[full]

Using Docker

You can also get the Concrete docker image (replace "v2.4.0" below by the correct version you want):

docker pull zamafhe/concrete-python:v2.4.0
docker run --rm -it zamafhe/concrete-python:latest /bin/bash

Docker is not supported on Apple Silicon.

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