Game of Life

In the associated Python file, you can run the Game of Life, written in Concrete Python.
Game of Life


In addition to Concrete, you must install pygame in your virtual environment:
  • pip3 install pygame
Once done, if you go to frontends/concrete-python/examples/game_of_life, python --help should give you the manpage:
Game of Life in Concrete Python.
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--dimension DIMENSION
Dimension of the grid
--refresh_every REFRESH_EVERY
Refresh the grid every X steps
--method {method_3b,method_4b,method_5b,method_basic}
Method for refreshing the grid
--log2_global_p_error LOG2_GLOBAL_P_ERROR
Probability of correctness issue (full circuit)
--log2_p_error LOG2_P_ERROR
Probability of correctness issue (individual TLU)
--simulate Simulate instead of running computations in FHE
--show_mlir Show the MLIR
Stop after compilation
--text_output Print a text output of the grid


Then, you can play with the different options, and in particular:
  • dimension, to chose the size of the grid; the larger, the slower
  • method, to chose which implementation is used for the grid update
  • log2_global_p_error and log2_p_error, to chose the probability of correctness (see the Concrete documentation for more information)
  • simulate, to do computations only in simulation, i.e., not in FHE

Typical Executions

In simulation: python3 --dimension 100 --refresh_every 50 --simulate
In FHE: python3 --dimension 6 --refresh_every 8 --log2_p_error -40 --method method_4b

Technical Explanations

A blog is currently in the process of being written, and a link will be added here when it's available. In the meantime, some explanations are given in the code.