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  • ERC-20: A variation of the standard ERC20 smart contract that incorporates encrypted balances, providing additional privacy for token holders. -

  • Darkpool: A smart contract that enables anonymous trading of cryptocurrencies or assets, typically used to execute large orders without affecting the market price.[by Owen Murovec]

  • Cipherbomb: A Hardhat-based template for developing Solidity smart contracts, with sensible defaults. - by Clément Danjou [by Clément Danjou]

  • Battleship: A smart contract that replicates the classic Battleship game on a blockchain in a transparent manner. [by Owen Murovec]

  • Governor DAO: A DAO smart contract that facilitates governance decisions through encrypted voting

  • Blind Auction: A smart contract for conducting blind auctions where bids are encrypted and the winning bid remains private.

  • Decentralized ID: A blockchain-based identity management system using smart contracts to store and manage encrypted personal data.

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