Using GitBook

Documentation with GitBook is done mainly by pushing content on GitHub. GitBook then pulls the docs from the repository and publishes. In most cases, GitBook is just a mirror of what is available in GitHub.

There are, however, some use-cases where documentation can be modified directly in GitBook (and, then, push the modifications to GitHub), for example when the documentation is modified by a person outside of Zama. In this case, a GitHub branch is created, and a GitHub space is associated to it: modifications are done in this space and automatically pushed to the branch. Once the modifications have been completed, one can simply create a pull-request, to finally merge modifications on the main branch.

Using Sphinx

Documentation can alternatively be built using Sphinx:

make docs

The documentation contains both files written by hand by developers (the .md files) and files automatically created by parsing the source files.

Then to open it, go to docs/_build/html/index.html or use the follwing command:

make open_docs

To build and open the docs at the same time, use:

make docs_and_open

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