Format and Draw
Sometimes, it can be useful to format or draw circuits. We provide methods to just do that.


You can convert your compiled circuit into its textual representation by converting it to string:
If you just want to see the output on your terminal, you can directly print it as well:


Drawing functionality requires the installation of the package with a full feature set. See the Installation section to learn how to do that.
You can use the draw method of your compiled circuit to draw it:
drawing = circuit.draw()
This method will draw the circuit on a temporary PNG file and return the path to this file.
You can show the drawing in a Jupyter notebook, like this:
from PIL import Image
drawing =
Or, you can use the show option of the draw method to show the drawing with matplotlib.
Beware that this will clear the matplotlib plots you have.
Lastly, you can save the drawing to a specific path:
destination = "/tmp/path/of/your/choice.png"
drawing = circuit.draw(save_to=destination)
assert drawing == destination
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