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The MLIR project is a sub-project of the LLVM project. It's designed to simplify building domain-specific compilers such as our Concrete-Compiler.
Concrete-Compiler accepts MLIR as an input and emits compiled assembly code for a target architecture.
Concrete-Numpy performs the MLIR generation from the computation graph. Code related to this conversion is in the concrete/numpy/mlir folder.
The conversion can be performed using the convert method of the GraphConverter class.
Within the convert method of GraphConverter:
  • MLIR compatibility of the graph is checked;
  • bit width constraints are checked;
  • negative lookup tables are offset;
  • the computation graph is traversed and each node is converted to their corresponding MLIR representation using the NodeConverter class;
  • and string representation of the resulting MLIR is returned.
Last modified 9mo ago