Testing a backend
Once you've implemented your backend, the first thing you need to do is to test it. The concrete-core-test crate has been developed for this purpose. It relies on the concrete-core-fixture crate, that implements generic functions to sample and test engines.
Let's continue with our GPU backend example. We now have a GpuEngine that implements a conversion engine for LWE ciphertext vectors from the CPU to the GPU, and back. For this engine, we can easily check that the ciphertext copied back from the GPU is identical to the original one on the CPU. However, for more complex engines like the keyswitch, the bootstrap, etc., we need to make sure that the amount of noise introduced by the operation corresponds to what's expected, i.e. that it matches the noise formula implemented in the concrete-npe crate. For the sake of this tutorial, let us continue with the simple conversion engines that copy data back and forth between the CPU and the GPU, and then implement this verification.
For this, we're going to use the available fixture for LWE ciphertext vector conversion. The only thing we need to implement in concrete-core-fixture is the synthesis stage, where data will be copied to the GPU, and back again. Then we'll use the existing fixture for LWE ciphertext vector conversion to execute the test.

Add the GPU backend in the fixtures

Let's first add the GPU backend as a feature for the fixtures: edit the Cargo.toml file of concrete-core-fixture to add the following lines in the dependencies and features sections:
backend_gpu = ["concrete-core/backend_gpu"]
Then, we need to add the GpuEngine to the Maker structure that's defined in concrete-core-fixture/src/generation/mod.rs:
pub struct Maker {
default_engine: concrete_core::backends::default::engines::DefaultEngine,
#[cfg(feature = "backend_gpu")]
gpu_engine: concrete_core::backends::gpu::engines::GpuEngine,
impl Default for Maker {
fn default() -> Self {
Maker {
default_engine: concrete_core::backends::default::engines::DefaultEngine::new().unwrap(),
#[cfg(feature = "backend_gpu")]
gpu_engine: concrete_core::backends::gpu::engines::GpuEngine::new().unwrap(),
Now, in concrete-core-fixture/src/generation/synthesizing/lwe_ciphertext_vector.rs, let us introduce the necessary implementations to copy data to the GPU, retrieve and destroy it:
#[cfg(feature = "backend_gpu")]
mod backend_gpu {
use crate::generation::prototypes::{
use crate::generation::synthesizing::SynthesizesLweCiphertextVector;
use crate::generation::{Maker, Precision32};
use concrete_core::prelude::{
GpuLweCiphertextVector32, DestructionEngine,
impl SynthesizesLweCiphertextVector<Precision32, GpuLweCiphertextVector32> for Maker {
fn synthesize_lwe_ciphertext_vector(
&mut self,
prototype: &Self::LweCiphertextVectorProto,
) -> GpuLweCiphertextVector32 {
fn unsynthesize_lwe_ciphertext_vector(
&mut self,
entity: &GpuLweCiphertextVector32,
) -> Self::LweCiphertextVectorProto {
let proto = self
fn destroy_lwe_ciphertext_vector(&mut self, entity: GpuLweCiphertextVector32) {
That's all we need to do on the fixtures side.

Add the test in concrete-core-test

Now, let's add our test in concrete-core-test. Let's first edit the Cargo.toml to add a dependency to our fhe_gpu crate, and a GPU feature:
concrete-core = { path="../concrete-core" }
concrete-core-fixture = { path="../concrete-core-fixture" }
fhe-gpu = { version = "0.0.1", optional = true }
paste = "1.0"
backend_default = ["concrete-core/backend_default", "concrete-core-fixture/backend_default"]
backend_gpu = ["concrete-core/backend_gpu", "concrete-core-fixture/backend_gpu"]
Let's add a cuda.rs module to concrete-core-test. Create the file gpu.rs in concrete-core-test/src and edit cocnrete-core-test/src/lib.rs to add the following lines:
#[cfg(all(test, feature = "backend_gpu"))]
pub mod gpu;
The gpu.rs module should contain:
use concrete_core::prelude::*;
use concrete_core_fixture::fixture::*;
use concrete_core_fixture::generation::{Maker, Precision32};
pub fn test_lwe_ciphertext_vector_conversion_32() {
let mut criterion = Criterion::default().configure_from_args();
let mut maker = Maker::default();
let mut engine = GpuEngine::new().unwrap();
let test_result = <LweCiphertextVectorConversionFixture as Fixture<Precision32, GpuEngine, (
GpuLweCiphertextVector, LweCiphertextVector),
&mut maker,
Finally, let's run our test!

Execute the test

The command to run the tests for the GPU backend is:
cargo test -p concrete-core-test --features=backend_gpu,backend_default --release
You can filter it to execute a specific engine only:
cargo test -p concrete-core-test --features=backend_gpu,backend_default --release -- --test conversion
You should get as the output:
Running unittests (target/release/deps/concrete_core_test-c662f8b6b8aa1434)
running 1 test
test cuda::test_lwe_ciphertext_vector_conversion_fixture_precision32_cuda_lwe_ciphertext_vector32_lwe_ciphertext_vector32 ... ok
test result: ok. 1 passed; 0 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 7 filtered out; finished in 42.33s
Doc-tests concrete-core-test
running 0 tests
test result: ok. 0 passed; 0 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 0 filtered out; finished in 0.00s
The next step is to benchmark your backend. For this, head to the benchmarks tutorial!
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